ARESCO boasts manufacturing facilities and capabilities of superlative quality and expertise, as well as the track record to prove it. The company’s expertise is truly second to none and includes state-of-the-art facilities for industrial in-line cutting, fabrication, welding, painting and storage of diverse requirements that have time and again met the satisfaction of our clients.

With more than 10 workshops spread over a surface area of 360,000 squared meters, ARESCO is a leading provider of diverse fabrication solutions including steel structures, plate work and equipment fabrication, which are all manufactured under license and with ASME stamped equipment. The company has extensive global experience and offers turnkey and standalone fabrication solutions.

ARESCO offers clients the flexibility of offsite fabrication, as well as a flexible and wide range of solutions that fit their specific needs. Moreover, the company’s extensive knowledge in engineering, procurement, project management and logistics help deliver optimized services and products within tight schedules and budgets.

As a company with broad and long years of experience in the field, ARESCO offers additional advantages to clients including advanced sourcing methods, global market knowledge and purchasing volume, quality control and assurance and improved constructability.

ARESCO Fabrication Equipment List:

i. Two torches for Gas Cutting & one for Plasma Cutting
   Model: Costa AN 2600/3100, Germany
   Maximum Cutting Length: 15000 mm
   Maximum Cutting Width: 2600 mm
   Maximum Cutting Thickness: 100 mm

ii. One Torch for Plasma Cutting
   Maximum Thickness: 25 mm

iii. Two Torches for Gas Cutting
   Maximum Cutting Length: 12000 mm
   Maximum Cutting Width: 2500 mm
   Maximum Cutting Thickness: 100 mm

iv. Four Torches for Gas Cutting & One for Plasma
   Max. Cutting Length: 23000 mm
   Max. Cutting Width: 3000 mm
   Max. Cutting Thickness: 25 mm

v. Built Up Sections Welding Machines
   Model: SD 1500 IL, Finland
   Beam Length: 12000 mm
   Beam Height: 200 - 1500 mm
   Beam Width: 100 - 800 mm
   Flange Thickness: 8-50 mm
   Web Thickness: 5 – 25 mm
   Maximum Beam weight: 950 kg

vi. Padding House, Multi Drilling & Sawing Line
   Model: BDL 1250/9, USA
   Band Saw Specifications:
   950x460 mm-Steel Structure
   950x150 mm-Steel Plates
   460 mm-Steel Tubes
   400 mm-Solid Steel
   Three Spindles for drilling
   Drilling Diameter up to 40 mm
   Maximum Weight 20 Ton
   Minimum Length 1575 mm
   Maximum Web Thickness 102 mm
   Maximum Flange Thickness 178 mm

vii. CNC Padding House, Fabri-Punch
   Model: F-1170, Punch W/Fagor, USA
   170 Tons hydraulic single/trip end punch
   CNC Two axis positioning systems
   Capacity through the entire stroke: 170 ton
   Maximum Material thickness: 1"-1/4"
   Maximum Hole Size for standard tool 1"- 3/16"
   Maximum Hole size for optional tool 1"- 1/2"
   Positioning Range
   Front to Back (Y-axis) & Left to Right (X-axis): 30"x 60"
   Minimum Programmed Increment .001"
   Positioning accuracy: 1/32"
   Full Stroke of press ram: 2

viii. Hydraulic Punch
   Model: Scotchman, USA

ix. Shot blasting Machine
   6 turbines, All German Made
   Maximum Working Size 1000x1250mm

x. Band Saw Machine (2 Units in Operation)    Model: AMEDA, Japan
   Cutting Section up to 900 mm

xi. Column on Beam
   Swedish Made
   Working Range of the Beam: 5 m
   Working Range of the Column: 5 m
   Column Rotation 360º

xii. Roller Bed
   Swedish Made
   Powered roller beds capacity: 15 Ton each (5 Units in Operation)
   Idler roller beds capacity: 15 Ton each (9 Units in Operation)

xiii. Automatic Welding Gantry Crane
   Model: Bode TWP, UK
   Welding Height 7m
   The machine suits 6 m diameter shell
xiv. Rolling Machine
   Model: 700/3000, Sweden
   For Steel Ye=270 N/mm²
   70x3000 for Ф < 4000 mm

xv. Radial Drills
   Hole Diameter up to 100 mm (3 Units in Operation)
   Hole Diameter up to 60 mm (2 Units in Operation)

xvi. Shear Machines
   Model: German Made
   Maximum Thickness 25 mm x 3,000 Width
   Model: Czech Republic Made
   Maximum Thickness 20 mm x 4,000 Width
   Model: Finish Made
   Maximum Thickness 10 mm x 3,000 Width

xvii. Press Brake    Model: Belgian Made
   4,000 mm width x 300 ton
   Model: German Made
   2,000 mm width x 80 ton
   Model: German Made
   6,000 mm width x 630 ton

xviii. Center Lathe    Maximum Diameter Over Bed: 1,250 mm
   Maximum Length of Work Piece: 6,000 mm
   Maximum Weight: 25,000 kg

xix. Horizontal Lathes
   Model: DP4, Germany
   Maximum Diameter: 3,400 mm
   Maximum Length: 16,000 mm
   Weight: 20 Ton
   Model: Metallurgica, Brazil
   Maximum Diameter: 7,200 mm
   Maximum Length: 22,000 mm
   Weight: 200 Ton
   Model: Russian Made
   Maximum Diameter: 1,400 mm
   Maximum Length: 6,000 mm
   Weight: 20 Ton

xx. Vertical Lathes
   Maximum Diameter: 6,000 mm
   Maximum Height: 2,500 kg
   Maximum Weight: 50 Ton
   Model: Czech. Republic Made
   Maximum Diameter: 15,000 mm
   Maximum Height: 5,130 kg
   Max. Weight: 200 Ton
   Model: WMW. Germany
   Maximum Diameter: 6,000 mm
   Maximum Height: 2,700 kg
   Maximum Weight: 60 Ton
   Model: WMW. Germany
   Maximum Diameter: 2,250 mm
   Maximum Height: 1,250 kg
   Maximum Weight: 20 Ton

xxi. Horizontal Boring
   Spindle Diameter: 125 mm
   Longitudinal travel of spindle: 1,120 mm
   Height adjustment of spindle: 2,385 mm
   Transversal adjustment of spindle: 2,500 mm
   Table Size: 1,800 x 2,000 mm

xxii. Planner
   Width: 1,250 mm
   Height: 1,000 mm
   Length: 3,000 mm
   Width: 1,250 mm
   Height: 1,000 mm
   Length: 10,000 mm

xxiii. Magnetic Drill
   Hilti Drill
   Diameter 32 mm
   xxiv. Magnetic Core Drill (Tree)
   Diameter 32 mm

xxv. Overhead Cranes
   10 Tons (4 Units in Operation)
   20 Tons (3 Units in Operation)
   50 Tons (1 Unit in Operation)
   100 Tons (1 Units in Operation)

xxvi. Forklifts
   5 Tons (5 Units in Operation)
   14 Tons (1 Unit in Operation)
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